When you choose Legacy Builders, Inc. for your remodeling project you get the same attention to detail, quality and impeccable service that goes into our new homes. We are careful in signing on new work so that each customer is taken care of and prioritized appropriately no matter the scope of their project. As a custom home builder, we understand the importance of timeline and budget constraints and we are disciplined in making sure that we provide the highest level of service in the industry. Whether your project is a simple bathroom remodel, an addition to your home or a complete renovation of your home the team at Legacy Builders, Inc. can see your project through from idea to completion and answer any and all of your questions along the way. The benefits of remodeling an existing home are straightforward. By remodeling with a custom touch and a company who operates with a standard of excellence you can bet that your home will increase in value. Often times kitchens and bathrooms sell homes and get talked about most by guests, making these areas the most common and impactful types of projects that we do. However, this is not the end of what is possible at Legacy Builders, Inc.

IMG 1712We are able to complete a wide variety of remodel projects. Imagine with us for a moment what a glorious new master bathroom remodeling would do for the comfort and feel of an older home. Picture putting a home up for sale and having actually made more money and earned back more equity as a result of some modest kitchen remodeling. Let your mind wonder about how amazingly vast that master suite addition would expand life’s peaceful moments. Pontificate on the magnificence that could be in that upstairs bedroom if it were gracefully transformed into a beautiful theatre room. Drool in thought at the room for one more trophy vehicle that becomes possible with a garage addition. Bask in the warming possibilities of a stunning sunroom addition on the back of the home. Cuddle with the thoughts of having more efficient windows to replace the drafty and cloudy ones now obstructing a pleasant view. Envision stacks and stacks of unchipped fine china sitting inside a set of premium updated cabinets. Gain peace and pride in the sight of new siding or new roofing on a previously tattered and worn home. Smell the tantalizing barbeque cooking on a new outdoor kitchen grill next to a fresh and treated outdoor deck. Calculate the upcharge upon the sale of a home with new trim and striking crown moulding accents. Dream about the drama free dude zone that could exist in that massive man cave, the one that captivates all men, now a reality right downstairs in what used to be the stuffy old storage area previously referred to as the basement…


All of these realities are possible when you are considering Legacy Builders, Inc. for your next big home project. Did we leave something out? Anything else you can think of is worth asking about, because we love a good challenge, however there are few things that Legacy Builders Inc. does not have experience remodeling. Our team can visualize and construct the best solutions for nearly any clients remodeling needs. We use the highest quality materials and expect us to demand the highest quality craftsmanship from our team out in the field. We make sure projects run on schedule and get done in a timely matter because we know that even though we have a great team of people our clients don’t want us in their homes indefinitely! We strive to minimize the dust in the home by building temporary walls to keep dust out of unwanted areas and we pride ourselves and our subcontractor partners on maintaining a clean job site. We work to isolate the demolition area and protect the surrounding areas in your home that aren’t having work done to them. If we need to walk through your home to get to the area that is being remodeled, floors will be protected, walls will be cared for and doors will be removed to eliminate the chances of them being damaged. Demolition is always the fun part of the project however it often can reveal the unforeseen issues that commonly come along with older homes. We are always careful to prepare our prospective remodeling clients for the realistic expectations of this unfortunate reality through our depth of experience that comes from having run into the various hidden issues on past projects, our careful allowances on estimates for common trouble areas, and our intense due diligence and investigation of each home before we begin to remodel anything.

Home Builders Oshkosh Wi 2356When we get called for a remodel project we are happy to come out to the home for a free consultation to discuss ideas, budget and to help evaluate the structural aspects of what is actually possible for the home. We then measure, measure, and measure some more for your project. We do extensive investigation to be prepared for any issues that may be waiting below the surface or any surprises that may be lurking behind the sheetrock or under the carpet. From there we will draw up plans, in which there is a small fee to keep our architect partners happy, hash out whatever other ideas we can come up with to give your project a unique custom feel that works for your home, family and budget. Once plans have been approved we will provide an estimate for your project. We include any options you may want to choose from and always give allowances for unforeseen issues that may arise during a remodeling project. We then begin the project of revamping your property! Remodeling homes is an area where Legacy Builders, Inc. accels and we can help you to completely revitalize your existing home, or homes! The next step is to fill out the form on the Contact Us page of our website and we will get in touch to set up your free appointment. Keep in mind that if you come in for an initial remodel consultation we will provide you with two free movie tickets!

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