Home Building

At Legacy Builders, Inc. we take pride in our work because we know that our clients are not just purchasing a stick of gum! They are purchasing one of the largest investments of their life and we take that very seriously. We build the highest quality homes and have the highest standards in quality craftsmanship, customer service, project management and overall customer satisfaction in the North East Wisconsin custom home market. We work with each and every client to make theri vision and their dreams for a beautiful home a reality. Our team of subcontractors,  made up of the best of the best in their respective fields, pride themselves on having the same standard of excellence that we bring to every single project. Most of our subcontractors have worked with us for decades and keep coming back to work with us because of our shared values and commitment to getting the job done right and getting the job done on time and on budget every time! We have ongoing relationships with each of them built on solid communication, clear expectations, and years of excellent craftsmanship and service. Together our team works to provide you with a top quality home that can be cherished by you and your family for years and years to come.

NelsonWhether you are looking to build a home complete with a moat and an indoor pool that is in the million dollar budget ballpark or you are looking for a more cozy conventional home with a splash of uniqueness and custom features, there is no project too big or too small that we can’t handle. Most of the homes that we build are in the $300k, $500k, and $1M range however we have built larger and we have built smaller in the past. Let us know what your dreams for your home look like, feel us out to see if we are a good fit for you, and take a look at some of the homes that we have built if you want to see what we have to offer at it’s finest. We love walking people through this amazing and life changing process. We know that it could not be a more rewarding experience for us and our clients. We live for it!


When you call Legacy Builders, Inc. or fill out the form for an initial consultation we will get in touch with you to set up a meeting where we will discuss your vision for your new home. We follow a proven process from the very first time we meet our clients all the way to the closing table after the home has been built. Let that sink in. We use proven processes. One thing that you can be sure of is that our proven processes create predictable results and thus far our clients have been very satisfied with both the process and the product. Of course, we will talk about approximate square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the details and finishes our clients would like incorporated into their new homes in our early phase meetings to get a good idea of the scope of work for your project, however we understand that everything in this process has a place and a time.

Most people are initially scared of the process of building a custom home for many reasons that Legacy Builders, Inc. simply eliminate. Rest assured that our clients do not suffer from endless decision fatigue as we always discuss what features are most important to our clients, give them plenty of quality options and examples, and truly dive deep into how their family will be utilizing the home to best suit their needs and lifestyles. We find that the variations between projects can be vast and that most often homeowners want to have the opportunity to discuss very specialized features and details about their project throughout the process. We have mastered the art of this type of communication and we know all of the questions to ask so that there is smoothness and peace throughout each client build out. Whether it is the flow for day-to-day life or entertaining for a crowd we want your home to meet your needs and our processes make sure that we discover what those needs are and how they can be met precisely. That’s our goal and commitment to new prospective custom home building clients..

One major concern that new clients typically express is the desire to stay within a stated budget. Equally important is the time frame for completing the home. There are many horror stories in the industry that our clients hear about happening to their friends and family where their builder takes months and months longer than expected and goes way over the budget. These situations can be financially devastating and Legacy Builders, Inc. has developed proven systems that prevent this from happening to our clients. The way that we do this is by managing client expectations up front about what type of home they can realistically build with their stated budget. We also constantly reminding our clients about the financial implications of each and every decision made or changed throughout the process so that they know where they stand in terms of budget and timeframe if they so decide to make changes along the way. Many home builders will not communicate with the client about the ramifications of making adjustments and do not have an in depth or detailed knowledge about the costs of labor, materials, and how to complete each phase of the building process without making the costly mistakes that lead to over budget and past due homes. Less experienced builders cut corners in communicating these crucial aspects of staying within a budget.


IMG 1654 Copy CopyWe start with the basic structure, style, and floorplan. Nothing too crazy here, just basic stuff we walk through all the time. The guidance that we provide even at this stage is very valuable to those that choose to consult with us. Before getting past these phases we always work with each client to select from many options for the finishes in and on their new home. We will discuss options that can bring down the cost and maximize the value of your home in the long term. Due to the countless projects we have completed we have the ability to make simple adjustments to your dream home and fully inform you on how that effects the next phase of the process, the budget, and the timeline. Changes are normal and to be expected, but we know how to help our clients make clear decisions and keep them in the know on all of the implications of any changes they may ask about implementing.

Once we have collected and discussed all of your ideas we can start drawing plans for your home. It is important to mention that we work with very talented architects and engineers when at this phase of the process. There is a small fee for drawing plans that we systematically reimburse when the project is under contract with Legacy Builders. This keeps our architect partners happy and helps us to make sure that the clients who want to work with us know that we operate very much like a business and not like a contractor. We will work with all new prospects to make sure your home will fit on your desired lot and in your desired location. After approving the completed plans we can put together a detailed estimate for the construction of the home. At Legacy Builders, Inc. we will include options and allowances to be sure you are covered and to minimize running over your budget. We also discuss heavily at this point the implications of various changes that are commonly requested so that we can expand or adjust these various options and allowances. The last thing we want to do is give the wrong expectations about what things will really cost. After getting very clear and exploring all options for possible changes we can start the building process! We enjoy working with our clients from start to finish and it is truly a joy to us when a family moves into their newly built Legacy Builders, Inc. home. We look forward to working together! We are so confident that you will love what we have to say that we will give you two free movie tickets just for sitting down with us for an initial discovery conversation. Don’t wait until you have the perfect plans, lot, and paint colors, head on over to the Contact Us page and fill out the form so that we can help you create the home of your dreams!