Basement Remodeling

Need more space in your home? Whether you have a new home or one that has been lived in for several years, finishing your basement can be a great way to add additional square footage to your living area. Basements can give you additional space for a growing family or for creating a great atmosphere for entertaining and spending time with friends and family. Basement options are numerous and there are many different options that Legacy Builders, Inc. can provide. Unused basement space can be easily transformed into additional bedrooms for new members of the family or that mother in law suite you have always wanted. Sometimes one living room is just not enough,  family rooms can also be a great way to embellish your home’s basement. Kitchenettes and bars are great for in-home getaways and man cave additions. Speaking of man caves, Legacy Builders, Inc. provides the most manly man caves around. If you are looking to have an amazing theatrical experience in the comfort of your own homes, we can create an incredible theatre room for your family to enjoy for years to come. If you are looking to entertain guests on a whole new level, make it happen in your basement by adding a game room that can double as a retreat for your kids to spend time. Are you a woodworker? Do you have hobbies that you do not have room to explore? Basements can be wonderful workshops and craft areas to explore all sorts of hobbies and activities. Looking for some quiet time? A basement library is perfect for the book lover and are fairly simple remodels to knock out for the avid reading clients of Legacy Builders, Inc. Reading and homework areas go great in the basement. Have you ever thought about having an additional bathroom in your home? Most homes in our area have basements and they are perfect for additional space for your teen to get ready in the morning. Saunas are a healthy way to release harmful toxins and blow off some steam from a stressful day. Legacy Builders, Inc. has found them to be very desirable and popular for basements.


No matter what you are thinking would be perfect for your basement project, when you call us we are happy to meet with you at your home to get your ideas for how you would like the area utilized. We also have many of our own ideas and suggestions on how to best maximize the space to help make it fit your needs. Every basement is a little bit different so we always explore the options in detail with all of our clients. At Legacy Builders, Inc. we can take your vision and make it a reality to maximize the use of a currently unusable area of your home. The basement should be an area of your home that you are proud of and use frequently. If it is not, WE CAN HELP!

As we work together to create your new basement living area we are able to address issues common to basement areas. Many basements are void of natural light. Egress windows can be added to let in natural light and meet building codes required for lower level bedrooms. We are also able to address issues and concerns with water getting in to protect your new investment as water is a major concern with below ground living spaces. We provide an assessment of the exterior grade of your home to identify and alleviate future water infiltration issues now and in the future. On the interior of the foundation walls we assess for any structural cracks or areas that may potentially leak and cause problems. There are many options and solutions to keep water from getting into your basement, many of which are reasonably priced and Legacy Builders, Inc. has a ton of experience with these products and solutions. Having an additional bathroom is always a plus. Even if your basement is not pre-plumbed for bathroom fixtures, we have the tools and experience to cut concrete to make space for the necessary plumbing. There are also plumbing options for kitchenettes and bar areas whether full or mini bars. Our experience in building high end custom homes allows us to provide a myriad of options to make these types of areas stand out and get noticed and commented on by all of your guests!


Once your layout is determined, the finishing fun begins! Options for finishes can be chosen to match your existing home or you can have the freedom to choose an all new theme or design, it is really up to you. New themes are great options to introduce as the basement space is typically not directly attached to the existing living space. This is a fact that many man cave clients have found to be useful in convincing the Mrs. of turning the basement into a manly getaway that won’t throw off her decorating style throughout the rest of the house. Finishing begins with wall finishes of drywall, plaster or other options like wainscoting or barn boards. Flooring choices are numerous with options such as carpeting, LVT (luxury vinyl tile), ceramic tile, engineered wood floorings, stained concrete, and many others. Trim can be painted or stained and crown molding if you are looking for that special touch of excellence. Creative window trims can be included if the customer wants them. Ceiling options are suspended ceilings to allow access to upstairs mechanicals or they can be drywalled or plastered with access panels where needed in case you ever need to access them in the future. Stairs can incorporate decorative railing materials or they can be walled off. Doors and doorways can be simple or fun—barn doors are currently a popular choice!

After we have collected all of your ideas we can start drawing plans. (There is a small fee for this service but we will reimburse you if you choose us to do your project.) Once we have plans approved by you, we are able to get you a detailed estimate for finishing your basement. We work with you to give you suggestions to stay within your budget if funds are tight.  We include any options you may want to have added and allowances to cover your selections of materials and finishes. We will then give you a time frame from start to finish. Throughout the construction process we are conscious of your living space and work to isolate dust and debris and to keep it from spilling over into the rest of your home. We look forward to working with you to add usable space and value to your home using your existing unused basement.

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